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Grassland Gardens has trialed over 80 varieties of ornamental grass. We have observed how each grass variety responds under our local growing conditions. Observation & records have been kept since 1998. New varieties are added each year.

Generally 30 or more ornamental grass varieties are available for purchase throughout the growing season. The following listing & pictorial of Ornamental Grasses are provided with basic varietal information including hardiness, height, and light requirements.

Perennials & Shrubs

Grassland Gardens Perennials & ShrubsGrassland Gardens Nursery & Flower FarmA line of perennials & shrubs are also available. Perennial offerings focus on drought tolerant, butterfly & hummingbird attracting types, natives and those that look especially well with ornamental grasses. Most of our perennials have been or are being tested for our local growing conditions through their inclusion in our display gardens.


Ornamental Grass Pictures & Information

The following information is available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. The documents should open in your browser window when you click on one of the following links if you have Adobe Acrobat installed. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat, you may download and install a copy from here. Click on one of the following links (in dark red, underlined) to see more information about that particular grass.


Big Bluestem - Andropogon gerardi

Blackhawks Dancing Wind Pawnee
Blackhawks Dancing Wind Pawnee
Big Bluestem - Red October Big Bluestem - Windwalker
Red October Windwalker  


Little Bluestem - Schizachyrium

Little Bluestem - Blue Heaven  Little Bluestem - Blue Paradise  Little Bluestem - Prairie Blues 
Blue Heaven Blue Paradise Prairie Blues
Little Bluestem - Smoke Signal  Little Bluestem - Standing Ovation  Little Bluestem - The Blues 
Smoke Signal Standing Ovation The Blues
Little Bluestem - Twilight Zone 
Twilight Zone    



Dropseed - Giant Sacaton Grass Dropseed - Giant Sacaton Grass  
Giant Sacaton Grass
Sporobolus wrightii
Prairie Dropseed
Sporobolus heterolepis


Feather Reed Grass - Calamagrostis

Feather Reed Grass - Avalanche Feather Reed Grass - Brachytricha Feather Reed Grass - Eldorado
Avalanche Brachytricha Eldorado
Feather Reed Grass - Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass - Overdam  
Karl Foerster Overdam  


Fescue - Festuca glauca (Blue Fescue Grass)

Elijah Blue    


Fountain Grass - Pennisetum

Fountain Grass - Cayenne Desert Plains Fountain Grass - Etouffee
Cayenne Desert Plains Etouffee
Fountain Grass - Foxtrot Fountain Grass - Karley Rose Fountain Grass - Little Bunny
Foxtrot Karley Rose Little Bunny
Fountain Grass - Majestic Fountain Grass - Piglet Fountain Grass - Piglet
Majestic - Annual Piglet Praline
Fountain Grass - Rubrum Fountain Grass - Rubrum  
Red Head Rubrum - Annual  


Grama Grass - Bouteloua gracilis 'variety' 

Blond Ambition  Sideoats Grama   
Blond Ambition
gracilis Blue Grama
Side Oats Grama


Indian Grass - Sorghastrum nutans 'variety' 

Indian Grass - Indian Steel  Indian Grass - Sioux Blue   
Indian Steel Sioux Blue  


Japanese Silver Grass - Miscanthus sinensis 'variety' 

> > >
Japanese Silver Grass - Adagio Japanese Silver Grass - Arabesque Japanese Silver Grass - Autumn Light
Adagio Arabesque Autumn Light
Japanese Silver Grass Japanese Silver Grass - Cabaret Cosmopolitan 
 Bluetenwunder  Cabaret Cosmopolitan
Japanese Silver Grass - Dixieland Fat Cat  Giganteus 
Dixieland Fat Cat  Giganteus 
 Japanese Silver Grass - Gold Bar  Japanese Silver Grass - Gracillimus Graziella 
 Goldbar  Gracillimus - Maiden Grass Graziella 
 Japanese Silver Grass - Huron Star Japanese Silver Grass - Huron Sunrise  Japanese Silver Grass - Huron Sentinel 
 Huron Star  Huron Sunrise Huron Sentinel 
Japanese Siver Grass - Little Kitten  Japanese Silver Grass - Little Miss  Japanese Silver Grass - Little Zebra 
 Little Kitten  Little Miss Little Zebra 
Japanese Silver Grass - Malepartus  Japanese Silver Grass - Morning Light  Japanese Silver Grass - Nippon 
 Malepartus  Morning Light - Variegated Maiden Grass Nippon 
 Japanese Silver Grass - Oktoberfest Japanese Silver Grass - Positano  Japanese Silver Grass - Puenktchen 
 Oktoberfest  Positano Puenktchen - Little Dot
 Japanese Silver Grass - Purpurascens  Japanese Silver Grass - Purpurascens Flamegrass Autumn Red Japanese Silver Grass - Rigoletto 
 Purpurascens - Flame Grass  Purpurascens - Flame Grass Autumn Red Rigoletto 
 Japanese Silver Grass - Rotsilber  Japanese Silver Grass - Silberfeder  
Rotsilber  Silberfeder   
 Japanese Silver Grass - Stardust  Japanese Silver Grass - Strictus  Japanese Silver Grass - Super Stripe
Stardust  Strictus - Porcupine Grass Super Stripe 
 Japanese Silver Grass - Undine  Japanese Silver Grass - Variegatus  Japanese Silver Grass - Zebrinus
Undine  Variegatus Zebrinus - Zebra Grass


Lemon Grass - Cymbopogon

Lemon Grass - Annual     
Lemon Grass - Annual    


Mulhy Grass - Autumn Embers

Mulhy Autumn Embers     
Mulhy Autumn Embers     


Quaking Grass - Briza media

Quaking Grass    
Quaking Grass    


Sea Oats - Chasmanthium latifolium

Northern Sea Oats     
Northern Sea Oats    


Sedge - Carex

Northern Sea Oats     
Carex Penn    


Switch Grass - Panicum virgatum variety

Badlands   Switch Grass - Blue Fountain  Switch Grass - Cheyenne Sky
Badlands  Blue Fountain  Cheyenne Sky 
 Switch Grass - Cloud Nine  Switch Grass - Dallas Blues  Switch Grass - Heavy Metal
 Cloud Nine  Dallas Blues  Heavy Metal
Switch Grass - North Wind   Switch Grass - Prairie Fire  Switch Grass - Prairie Sky
 North Wind Prairie Fire  Prairie Sky 
 Switch Grass - Rotstrahlbusch  Switch Grass - Shenandoah  
 Rotstrahlbusch  Shenandoah