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Since 2005, Grassland Gardens has been creating landscape design plans and placement.  Designs focus on using plants that will thrive and survive in our prairie environment with an emphasis on drought tolerant, native, butterfly, hummingbird, and pollinator plants.

Great Plains Dermatology    
Great Plains Dermatology was looking to create a landscape that was attractive, low maintenance, and most importanly water sparing.  Trish has been instrumental in helping us accomplish that goal.  We have incorporated very hardy, drought tolerant species that grow well in this climate.  We have used wild grasses as well as decorative plants to accomplish this goal.  Trish is soft spoken, and has a non-forceful demeanor, yet is a wealth of information.  I would encourage you to take the time to listen to her. 
Dr. Don Tillman
Great Plains Dermatology Great Plains Dermatology Great Plains Dermatology
Judy Hancock    
After inheriting the 100+ year old farm where I grew up, I embarked on an extensive restoration project of the front yard, pastureland and crop fields.  Through sheer luck, by poking around on the Internet, I discovered Trish and Grassland Gardens.  Over the past five years, Trish has been a vital advisor and supplier, designing and providing plants for multiple large beds of grasses and other drought-resistant shrubs and flowers.  For example when I razed my grandparents' four-room farmhouse, I kept it's rock foundation in place and had a pergola built on one side of the foundation.  Trish designed a wonderful garden to occupy the old house's footprint, divided into four quadrants corresponding with the four rooms of the old farmhouse.  As a result, the footprint of the old farmhouse continues to live on as a place of beauty and reflection year round.  Trish really listens and probbly as a reault has an uncanny way of anticipating and empathizing with a client's desires.  I also appreciate very much that she continues to check in on how her plantings are doing year-to-year; she does not disappear after the initial work is done.  In sum, I "count my lucky stars" that I stumbled across Grassland Gardens' website and as a result found a kinderd spirit and a very able grassland designer.

Judy Hancock
Judy Hancock Judy Hancock Judy Hancock
Kim & Kent Larson    
We loved working with Trish! Her plant knowledge and design expertise are second to none! We continue to appreciate her follow up as our grasses/perennials mature…

Kim & Kent Larson
Kim and Kent Larson    
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